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IKG conducts interviews with industry experts on the questions we, as students, want answered. 

"How did you land an internship?"

"Why did you change career paths?"

"Advice for someone wanting to pursue a career in this industry?"

And more.

Expand your professional network!



Course administrator for Creative Destruction Lab with Malaika Kapur

More On Malaika: 


UBC experience: UBC (Bcom: specialization in OBHR)

  • International Leader of Tomorrow Scholar
  • UBC Chapter Founding President & Everest Trek Campaign Lead, UBC Tanzania Heart Babies Project

  • TEDx speaker: redefining conversations around Africa’s growth story


  • Tech: MIT Download

  • Stanford Social Innovation Review



  • Prediction Machines (about emerging tech)



  • Masters of Scale (on entrepreneurship, CEO of LinkedIn)

"Be assertive. Recognize that everyone will have different expectations of you, and while catering to that, also know to speak your truth. Self confidence is key."

- Malaika on being a woman in the workplace

Transitioning from high school to UBC:

"I was anxious and nervous, but also excited because I knew there were a lot of people like me in the same boat. For me, what helped with the transition was Jumpstart. [Myself and other international students] were able to bond over this commonality."


Did your community change throughout UBC?

"I joined as a Jumpstart OL, so I stayed rooted within that community. I did a lot of international development work and worked with international communities for the most part. I was fortunate to also start a club, the Tanzanian Heart Babies Project. The focus was a lot on global impact, and building a local community with a global mindset."

Dealing with pressure throughout university about knowing what you want to do:

"I wasn't sure back then, I just always knew I was interested in the human side of things - this idea of community development within a business landscape. I decided to go with my gut."

"Pick yourself back up, and move forwards; don’t let it define you."

- Malaika on dealing with failure

"I definitely realized that at business school, the most coveted specializations are finance and accounting. But I was so connected to Organizational behaviour courses. And I thought, why shouldn’t I go for something [that I’m passionate about]. I will take this risk of doing something that’s not the norm, and do something that’s right for me."

How did you stay motivated throughout university?

"I made a conscious decision to surround myself with a community of people who would uplift me. It’s not about being the smartest person in the room, it’s about how you can learn and be inspired by other people.  


"The first step is taking the initiative; knowing that you don’t know; being curious." 


Don’t feel the pressure to do everything. It’s easy to feel bogged down by other people’s successes and feel like wow, I should be doing this but I have XYZ. It’s about doing what interests you the most."  


Devan Wiebe On Balancing Her Double Life - Athlete Edition 

DW 3.jpeg

We interviewed Devan at her gym at the UBC track. Watch to learn more about how she balances being a professional runner while working full time post grad.   

More On Devan: 




Devan Graduated from UBC in 2016 with a Bachelors Degree in Commerce, specializing in finance. Throughout her time at UBC she competed on the UBC track and field, & cross country team. Devan worked at Vancouver Whitecaps FC, as an assistant in partnership marketing, during a co-op term. She proceeded to become a student associate for the Department of Athletics and recreation at UBC.


Devan completed her final co-op term as an equity research associate at a start-up fintech called Canalyst, which she joined full-time after graduating from UBC, and evolved through many roles including product/support, marketing, and sales. She now works at a social enterprise called Mealshare as a community leader for Vancouver.



Throughout all of Devan’s experience working after graduation she has continued to compete as an elite track and field athlete balancing double life. 

Connect with Devan or learn more about her work here:


Fast and Female:

LinkedIn article:

My website:

My twitter/instagram: @devanwiebe 



What is IKG?

Think: a two-fold community.

IKG is an organization that connects female-identifying students from across all UBC faculties to each other & a professional network in Vancouver.


Through these connections, our goal is to help students achieve their personal & professional goals. We strive to break down the barriers to female-identifying individuals finding careers/connections


"I got a guy for the job."

[popular workplace saying]

"I know a girl for the job."

[who is just (if not more) capable]

How does IKG do this?

In-person events:

From the IKG-student-community side of things, we create in-person events that focus on the development of a professional skillset by learning first hand from professionals. 


Asking the Questions that Matter:

We collect the questions students have about careers/academics/life, and connect with professionals for the answers. We then relay our findings on this website! 

meet the


Emielia Dahl-Sam

3rd year commerce student. With the ideology of community success > individual success, Emie is passionate about fostering communities of driven, likeminded women & striving for a change.

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June Geyer

4th year Environmental Design student. Finds motivation in connecting with a group of women who inspire one another with their passion, hard work, and success.

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Lilla Bond

3rd year Human Geography student. Driven by the women she works with on a daily basis and engages with within the local community.